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Tiny Computers for Wearable & IoT

How it Works

The Gem is a tiny computer platform that senses motion accurately and wirelessly transmits raw or processed data to an external device in real time.


The platform includes cutting-edge hardware and software that make it simple to turn any object to a connected device.

We’re offering a tiny, power-efficient, extendable solution that enables developers, product designers and businesses to quickly and effectively create a broad range of motion related connected products.

Our button-sized computer (can even fit in a ring!) is coupled with a powerful easy-to-use SDK for rapid development.

The Gem transfers raw and processed data to any external device, such as HMDs, smartphones and tablets.


What you get

A development kit for wearables & IoT products targeted for makers, developers and companies.
The kit is based on a tiny computer platform (AKA “Gem”) powered by state-of-the-art proprietary motion algorithms.

Gem based devices communicate with other smart devices (such as handheld devices, wearable products, smart TV, Virtual reality headsets) enabling natural and seamless user interfaces.

The Gem allows makers to create many things and smarten up, or liven up any object.

Apps On Things

Meet Amber

get HardWare

Offered as a platform our tiny computer (button-sized!) can even fit in a ring or be embedded in wearables and accessories

Get a power-efficient sensor hub (9-axis motion sensors) with BLE connectivity and build your product today, eliminating the need for HW expertise.


Plus Software-sdk

Our SDK offers tools to help you build apps quickly, using our built in gesture and motion recognition you can easily trigger events and collect analytics.

Using a few lines of code, you get all the data from the device, create an app and in minutes, and  have a new product ready for use

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