Augmenting Toys: The Future of Play (Part 2)

Many companies are catching on to the smart and interactive toys that children these day absolutely love.

Disney has launched a new line of augmented reality toys to turn kids into their favorite superheroes from the Marvel universe of characters. When you strap on the repulsor, you enter a virtual world and  you then complete missions in that virtual world. Children are encouraged to move around, run, be active and play while interacting with their virtual world and completing missions within the Marvel world. 

The Playmation set uses sensors in a wearable wrist-band piece which uses gyroscopes, accelerometers, and gesture recognition to allow wearers to interact with predesigned missions so that children can participate in superhero battles.
The device provides feedback to the user through use of sound, light and haptic feedback (vibration) to engage the wearer. The rest is up to the child’s imagination. The set allows the child to intreact with their toy, run play and be a child. It also connects in to computers, smartphones, and tablets.


Watch the video below to learn more about Playmation and their wearable technology.


Lego is also developing some smarter toys that interact with kids and allows them to control their toys with a remote or a “one brick” technology. The Lego mindstorms are another great way that technology and toys are growing in their abilities, interactions and explorations of any  child’s  virtual fantasy world.

Watch the video below to learn more about Lego and their new developments.



There’s a new Israeli startup that is working on bringing even more technology to building blocks. Brixo helps building blocks meet electricity and IoT. This technology teaches children about circuits as well as helping them have lots of creative fun.  Brixo basically gives a child the ability to build cool toys that can move, sense light, motion and much more! The Brixo blocks are compatible with and comparable to Legos.  They have a great educational value for those parents who would prefer that their children to learn while playing,  rather than having them veggie brain out on technology. Brixo helps parents to know, they are putting them in motion.
See the video below for more details about Brixo.

The key difference between regular toys and “smart” toys is the connection between the virtual experience and the “real world”. Playmation will require children to run, walk, play, jump, and more to complete missions, battles, and level up their character in the virtual world.  Lego will require children to follow directions and will allow interactions with ‘smart Legos’ and their phones as a result. This mixing of the virtual and real worlds or augmentation of reality will continue to revolutionize the toy industry and inspire a new generation of childhood toys and memories.


As more products like Playmation, Lego  and others are gearing up and shipping out, there will be an increased need for rapid development platforms such as the Amber Gem. Especially as more companies and players wish to enter the market quickly, enhancing current product lines and building new ones..


About Gemsense

Gemsense develops the Amber Gem development platform which allows you to connect almost any item, start getting the data from the sensors right away and using it in your application. Comprised of a tiny computer with sensors which you can easily embed in final products and coupled with an easy-to-use SDK (Software Development Kit).
It can be fitted into many different applications and acts as a central hub for other sensors, enabling smart technology creation very quickly. Be sure to join us in our Dev Corner:



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