Processor MCU W/ BLE Stack
Sensors Motion 9-DOF
Size Diameter = 20mm; Height = 11mm
Power Sleep mode < 1mA; Active mode 8mA Charging: 5V, 100mA (USB Adapter provided)
Battery Rechargeable ~4-5 Hours at active mode; ~40 Hours at sleep mode; Charging: 1-2 Hours
HMI Inputs:  1 x Button , Tapping Outputs:  1x Blue/Red Led; 1x Green Led
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.x
Raw Data & Control 3-axis Acceleration, 6-axis Quaternion; Tapping, Padding Static & Dynamic Info
SDK Android, Windows, IoS (UD)
Plugins Unity, Unreal Engine (UD)
Algorithms Gesture Recognition, Virtual objects, Virtual mouse, Multi Gem
Utilities Calibration; Sensitivity; Euler; Az/El; El/Tilt; Earth& Body coordinates
Data throughput 50-100Hz
Data Latency <30ms

What can you make with the Blue Amber Gem?

Blue Amber allows makers to create many things and smarten up, or liven up any object. Applications range from Gaming to Wearable to IoT.
Potential applications for Blue Amber:

  • Gaming Devices for Augmented & Virtual Reality
  • Fitness, Healthcare, Telecare devices
  • Smart Toys
  • Activity tracking and motion classification
  • Wearable consumer products
  • Industrial activity trackers

What’s Special about the Blue Amber Gem?

Blue Amber is a small Sensor-Computer that’s able to smarten up anything. Its small size and versatile options make it perfect for prototyping and for turning inanimate objects into interactive and live ones!

  • Plug & Play and easy to use; Clickable; Makes “Dumb” objects smart; Connects physical to virtual.
  • Tiny device, Low - power, Smart, Wireless (Bluetooth 4.x), Detects and processes motion
  • Full HW/SW platform and backend solution, Client only Need to develop consumer Apps
  • Rich SDK augmented by Gemsense IP utilities and algorithms