Connect YOUR physical objects WITH virtual Apps with GemSDK

Now you can connect Physical with Virtual with our new GemSDK and GemDevCorner  released

If you are already a client – check out the cool stuff that we added – Android; iOS; Windows; Unity support – All bundled into an easy to use developers corner with our new Forum for your Q&As

If you are a new user – Join our wonderful community and create wonderful Physical objects CONNECTED to Amazing Apps – All Powered by Gemsense Technology.  For you Newbies:

We’re developing a tiny sensor-computer for makers, developers and companies – basically  anyone who creates IoT  devices Wearables or smart products, Augmented / Virtual Reality etc.  We’ve just launched our redesigned developers’ community platform and we’d love to get your feedback!




You can also Order our BLUE AMBER online or Pre-Order our Flagship RED AMBER

Please visit the Dev Corner, check out the videos, tutorials and quick start guides, visit the forums and let us know what you think. Any suggestions are welcome!

Avi Rabinovich – CEO

Avi Rabinovich

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