Hack Da’ Gem Hackathon


Hack Da’ Gem – Apps On Things Hackathon ended with a bang. Thanks to all who came for making it so much fun and awesome, we loved your ideas, seeing the wonderful things you made and the feedback.

Here are some of the things, projects and winners:
* Elemental Drone – Glove operated drone – Flying a drone with a glove as the controller – Winners
* Ball Bouncer – Bounce a virtual ball on your foot or paddle – Winners
* Telepathic Dice – Getting the result of 3D printed dice in the app and using it for games – Winners
* The Assistant in the Ring – Using a ring to send a distress signal or request to a caretaker for people with disabilities.
* Electronic spindle (sevivon) – 3D printed spindle challenge your friends to a spinning competition (spins are counted in the app)
*Holo-Dance – Interacting with holograms on your phone


Elemental Drone:





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