Make Your Own VR Gun – Target Arena!

Mikhail Shtutman

You asked for it, now we’re showing how you can quickly and easily create your own VR gun  and fire away!

following the short guide below you’ll be able to take a standard toy gun of the shelf and make it a VR gun to play games with –  just be mindful of your surroundings while you’re flashing that gun around!

A short video showing the gun in action and more fun experiences avaialble with the Gem

  • Blue Amber gem
  • Electric toy gun
  • Soldering tool
  • Android 4.3+ phone
  • Google cardboard or similar VR headset

Let’s prepare our gun!

Get a simple light and/or noise making gun. You can probably find one at a  local toy store.

The gun doesn’t have to be big, it just needs a space to fit the Gem inside easily. (The Gem with battery is ~10mm high and 20mm in diameter)


Remove  all screws and open the casing.


First of all, you’ll need to remove the wires from the  trigger circuit


All other wires and devices also can be removed


Meet the brain of your new VR gun, the  Blue Amber Gem.

Make sure that the switch is turned on (move the switch counter-clockwise)


We want to allow charging so here we make a hole for the charging port in the cover


Now to glue the Gem to the gun’s body.

It’s important to place the Gem in a certain orientation –  charging port should point right and top of the Gem should be parallel to the ground when gun is pointing straight – this orientation is used by the game to calculate gun pointing direction!


Finally the wires should be connected to the gun trigger.

*  Trigger mechanism might differ, but in most cases they consist of two metal contacts that are shorted by the trigger


Let’s close the gun back up.

We can see the power port on the side that is easily accessable


At this point the mechanical part is finished and we can move forward to software

+ Install the Gem SDK Utility from Google Play or download the apk 

+  Pair the gun gem in the SDK Utility:


+ Install the VR Target Arena from  Google Play or download the apk and enjoy!

+ Use Cardboard or Gear VR for the viewer


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