Playground Project

Project Playground is the next generation, fully immersive Virtual Reality home entertainment system featuring high quality video, motion, sound, and touch.

Please watch and enjoy a collection of videos demonstrating the system and its main components!

Imagine for a moment, a fully virtual and magical world that you can create, visit and immerse yourself in all while in the comfort of your own home. Project Playground is a collection of technologies which realize the Star Trek Holodeck dream.

Playground will allow you to move around and interact inside a virtual world – right in your own living room. Playground will provide a great user experience and handle all the technological barriers in current VR systems that prevent them from being a true consumer product.

Think for a moment, about a system that is more than just a gaming system. A system that allows you to play games and also do so much more. Think about a complete home entertainment system that will allow you to virtually transport yourself to a Coldplay concert as part of the band, maybe singing as the lead singer, or even just watching in the front row. You can join live events, your friends can join you from their living room, and you can play against each other online just as on other systems. With this system, you can solve puzzles, play games, visit museums, or attend a ball game in another city. Just imagine being right on the 50 yard line at the Super Bowl or even at half court at an NBA Finals game, all while sitting in your own living room. This is the immersion into the virtual world that Gemsense creates in the Playground. Your virtual world can unfold around you, right in your own living room.

Preliminary System Overview

Playground system

The system is based on physical and vision sensors that interact with the user and provide a fully immersive experience.

Usability is the key: only essential technologies technologies will be placed on the user:

VR Headset – lightweight VR headset used for wide field display of high quality high res video and head tracking

Accessories – wearable / held accessories to enhance user experience: a tennis racket for a VR squash game; a microphone accessory for a live concert, etc.

Base station – the computer that detects the user’s position in space, renders the video and sends it to the headset .

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