Raspberry PI – Laser pointing robot

Mikhail Shtutman

Build your own laser pointing ring controlled drone!

You can build your own laser pointing robot using this short tutorial.  This is how we used our Gem, A Raspberry PI and an Arduino to create the most fun (and perhaps useless) laser pointing drone.


A quick video showing how to put together the laser pointing robot

3 Parts of a laser pointing ring controlled drone:

The first, The Gem as the controller, usually placed in a ring, where you point, the little drone points it’s laser.

The Second, A Raspberry Pi, is used for receiving the orientation data from the Gem, processing the quaternion to generate X and Y angles and finally output them via the serial interface to an Arduino.

The Third, The Arduino, is running a simple program that receives the angles from the serial and apply them to the servo’s.

Additionally we added 3 LEDs each corresponding with a specific state:

BLUE – means that the Arduino and the Servo’s are connected to a power source.
YELLOW – means that a serial connection between the Arduino and the RPi is active.
GREEN – means that the Gem is connected to the RPi.

The following components are used in the project; you don’t have to use the exact same things, but this tutorial will assume you’re using these 😉

+ Blue Amber gem
+ Raspberry Pi Model B + Compatible USB BLE module.  (RPi 3 recommended because of the built-in BLE module)
+ An Arduino Nano board
+ A USB cable for connecting the RPi and the Arduino together
+ 2 Small servo motors (micro servo 9g)
+ 1 3.3V Red laser module
+ A Prototype board
+ Soldering tool
+ Assortment of wires for soldering



* 1 button and a matching capacitor
* 3 LEDs and 3 330 Ohm resistors

The Raspberry PI is running Raspbian with the following packages added: 

+ BlueZ
+ NodeJS
+ noble.js
+ node-serialport




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