Project Playground : Gemsense Vision For a Fully Immersive VR Experience

What could make the average virtual reality experience better than average?

Here at Gemsense; we believe that immersing yourself into the virtual world is the best way to experience it. We think that virtual reality is awesome and everyone should be able to experience it.

What if you could see, feel, touch and smell things in virtual reality?

What if you could feel the wind on your back?

What if the world surrounded you and pulled you in so you didn’t really want to leave?

Introducing Gemsense Playground Project – our vision for a fully immersive VR experience.

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Imagine for a moment, a fully virtual and magical world that you can create, visit and immerse yourself into, while in the comfort of your own home. No need to load up the kids to visit the virtual reality center twenty miles away.

Imagine that your own virtual reality gaming center is right in your living room. Those are the amazing capabilities of the project that we are working on here at Gemsense:

Project Playground

As in many cases ideas for future products come from Sci-fi books and TV shows. Our inspiration is the Holodeck from the mythological  series Star Trek TNG:

Virtual reality, despite its progress in recent years has some difficulties that stand out to those who have tried it. To play in a virtual world, one must wear too much equipment – mainly processing power – to make the experience truly immersive. It makes the experience cumbersome and not usable.

People will  not wear technology to solve existing technological barriers – They will wear technology if it creates real value for them.

Playground uses the minimal components to create the best experience – headset  for display and sound accessories for content interface and interaction.

Following is an illustration of Gemsense Playground vision

Playground system

The stationary base station, is the brains of the Playground system – It uses computer vision technologies and physical sensory data to track the the user and create his virtual avatar. The information is fused, in realtime, to user content  and, a rendered media stream, if transmitted to the user.

No backpack computer to carry around ,  No wires to to trip over, No cumbersome accessories – a fully usable and immersive experience.

Think for a moment, about a system that is more than just a gaming system. Imagine a system that allows you to play games and also, experience much much more than that.

Think about a complete home entertainment system that would allow you to play your favorite game, then virtually transport yourself to a Coldplay concert as part of the band.

With this system, you can solve puzzles, play games, visit museums or visit a ball game in another city. Just imagine being right on the 50 yard line at an NFL game or even half court at an NBA Finals game, all while sitting in your own living room.

With Gemsense Playground, you can join live events, your friends can join you from their living room, you can play against each other online and much more. This is the immersion into the virtual world that Gemsense creates in the playground. Your virtual world can unfold around you right in your own living room.

The video below, presents a demo of the Gemsense Playground in action. First application shown is the classic game of brick breaker. The second application demonstrated is a free roaming experience inside an environment from an alternate universe – with a bit different physics. The options are numerous while roaming in the virtual world. You can use the glove accessory to play with the items in the virtual world. You can apply physics to a game of pool or do whatever you decide to do in the virtual world.

There will be parental controls on the system (for those who wonder). There will also be safety features in place to help users to educate themselves about virtual reality sickness and how to deal with it if it happens to you.

Accessories for the Gemsense Playground

The video below, presents  one of the playground project controllers. The controller allows its user to select menus, interact with the environment, create virtual objects via gestures and much more within the virtual world.

Other accessory range from s smart wheel, that can be used with racing games to smart swords, smart gun and smart laser pointers. The accessory makes the experience complete  following human  need to interact with physical objects.

Can I use my other games or other experiances with this system

The answer is yes, in some cases you will be able to. It depends on the specific system you want to use with the playground and their individual system requirements. Just like your average gaming system, there will be minimal requirements for basic internet access, high quality streaming and wireless accessories to run things effectively and interact with the system. Not only will you be able to use other gaming systems with the Gemsense Playground, but you can also use the Gemsense original apps with it as well.

Check out this app:

More details on the compatibility of the Playground with other systems as well as other gaming specifics will be coming in the near future to the official project page located HERE, so please be sure to bookmark our website and check back with us soon. We are excited to share this with you and hope to hear all of your questions and comments about it –  in the coming weeks.


Playground Project


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