VR Wheel – Cave Racer 3D

Mikhail Shtutman

Tube racing in VR with a “Real” Driving wheel – How far can you spin?


Promotional video with game footage

VR Cave Racer 3D is a fast paced tube racer set in an old  Inca tunnel, you can drive all around the tunnel, avoiding the deadly rocks and collecting coins for more points

Get a wheel accessory or tape the Gem to anything that feels remotely like a wheel (plastic bowl, box of chocolates or candy are some of the things we use and people enjoy)

Using our Gem you can  now practice your tube racing VR skills in a natural fun way in your own living room or even outside!

* Currently available on Cardboard & Gear VR



+ Put the Gem on a driving wheel, a plastic plate or anything you’d want to use as your wheel.

Download the app to your Android device and connect with the Gem

+ Use Cardboard or Gear VR for the viewer

+ Hold the wheel in front of you and look up at the shiny coin to start



+ Turn right or left to drive around the tunnel

+ Tilt forward to accelerate / Tilt backwards to slow down



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