Wearable Technology: Smart Devices Development Kit

Why Do I Need A Rapid Development Kit?

IoT & Wearable technologies are rapidly exploding and this is the perfect place for developers to get in on the ground floor and the possibilities are endless. The challenge in this industry is to create quality interactive devices that enrich the user’s life, instead of frustrating them, putting interactions with technology in a different place,  something much more fun and natural if not seamless and effortless.

Wearable Technology

A lot of companies and developers are looking for ways to quickly capitalize on the growing need and want for connected devices and applications. From natural interactions such as operating the things around you with gestures and motion to seamlessly getting more information with sensors embedded in the things we know and love. Getting more customized reactions from our toys based on our mood or accessories, to getting more data on our body and training in a virtual environments using real world objects or just our clothes as the sensing platform.

Basically getting the benefits of technology anywhere and returning us to more natural experiences and interactions while enhanced by smart devices and data. 


This leaves us with a great will and a huge gap in connecting the physical to the digital,  it’s all about how to get the sensors easily into the toy and getting real-time data to enable natural interactions where the technology is just assisting us in the experience and isn’t another thing we need to stop and mess with.



Wearable Technology 2



There’s a high barrier for companies and developers who wish to tap into this market and create awesome connected experiences. That barrier is usually a costly 1-2 years process of developing your own hardware, enabling it with firmware, algorithms, creating software interfaces, etc..  all before you can really build your application (e.g. the thing / toy / game you set out to build)

Wearable Technology 3


A rapid development kit can make this process really easy. Rather than creating your device from start to finish, imagine how easy the job would become, if the brains for your smart devices were already made for you and ready to go with all the needed software to interact from the start.

Smart devices including smart toys and wearable technology are starting to become more mainstream.  It is estimated in the next 5 years popularity may skyrocket to unprecedented levels.  This melding of the digital and physical worlds into one will lead to new innovation and a huge increase in the number of smart devices connected to the Internet of Things, or IoT.  If you aren’t familiar with the internet of things it’s basically a giant network of billions of devices that communicate via machine-to-machine communication or man-to-machine communication. Sensors embedded in shoes, smartphones/tablets, toys, medical devices, vehicles, and more gather and relay information to other sensors and machines as well as to humans. This ever expanding network of devices is projected to explode from over 6 billion devices today to over 200 billion devices in the year 2020. In the future possibilities of smart devices include sensors embedded in roads to monitor and communicate road conditions to smart vehicles;  smart pacemakers will communicate information to doctors and nurses; smart toys will engage children in imaginative play in ways never imagined; possibilities are endless.

There is only one problem with this exploding internet of things: there is no central platform for all this information to be collected, processed, relayed, and put to good use. There has to be a central hub and a physical device to connect all of these connected or “smart” devices.  A central hub of this nature can be the next platform for connecting all smart devices and wearable technology.

Fun Smart Toys


Imagine for a moment a device that contains motion sensors and Bluetooth connectivity to bring all the pieces together. The capability to make smart devices function together and on a higher level of connectivity. The hardware comes with an exciting software developments platform kit as well. This system supports software development and application development using Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux operating systems as well as Unity and Unreal engine plugins.

Technology such as that which is demonstrated above – opens the doors to possibilities of communication, full integration and optimization of various sensors such as environmental sensors, biosensors, audiovisual sensors, human input interfaces, and more. Imagine a device that allows a developer to let their imagination take over the creation process and pulls it all together into the brains and backbone of a new toy.

The real magic of a products such as this; is not just the incredible hardware but truly the software development kit. This allows developers to create applications for almost any desired use in mere minutes. In addition to the brains, you get a jump start on the applications you will need to support those brains and interact with the new happy owners of your creative invention.  You will gain the ability to focus on the end product and design of the product. At that point you can move forward in the invention process as well as the production process and you can stop focusing on the tedious details of software programming and coding.




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